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Federal Agencies Support Tribes, Critique Army Corps of Engineers on Bakken Pipeline
Send Letters Requesting Full EIS on Dakota Access

Bemidji, MN – In a surprising act of solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, three federal agencies have sent formal letters to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recommending that a full environmental impact statement be conducted on the proposed route of the Dakota Access pipeline, a bakken crude oil infrastructure project of Energy Transfer Partners.

The agency letters  from The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation point out a general confusion why a fuller analysis of the project’s environmental impacts is not being conducted for the 1,168-mile crude oil pipeline. Furthermore, the letters severely criticize and question the Army Corps of Engineers lack of consultation with tribal nations about the pipeline project, a process required by federal law.

Argument  an EIS be done

I see an important legal argument that is not being said much here. Three Federal Agencies said an (EIS) Environmental Impact Statement should of been done, the EPA included. They are there too protect the public. So you are standing with these organizations,  that the Army Core of Engineers didn't  require the proper studies be done to protect the citizens, rivers, and wildlife. So you are trying to stop them from the commission of many crimes. 

                                        Our Goal


 This web site is in opposition too the newly proposed Bakken Pipeline by Energy Transfer Partners LP of Dallas, Texas.  


Our Goal is to give citizens a written document to submit too the United States Army Core of Engineers, and the (USEPA) United States Environmental Protection Agency, demanding that the proper environmental study be done on the Bakken Pipeline.


This affidavit and notarized document gives everyone a speaking voice about environmental issues to do with this pipeline  It gives you as an individual a way to speak out with your own notarized affidavit, and signature page, demanding an (EIS) Environmental Impact Statement be done for the, Dakota Access Pipe Line Project.


 The proposed pipeline would originate from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota, cutting across eighteen of Iowa's counties. Crossing 75 rivers, and streams. Then crossing underneath the Mississippi River to Patoka, Illinois. Threatening the drinking water for over 18 million people. This is all being proposed without even doing the proper environmental studies. The Bakken oil is known as the most volatile oil in the world.



A detailed Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must be completed for major actions that affect the environment. Also, the Army Corps of Engineers must comply w/ NEPA for the permit for the Missouri River crossing. The way agencies get around this is to provide a lesser study, a brief Environmental Assessment (which Dakota Access has done). A full EIS would be an interdisciplinary approach for the integrated use of natural and social sciences to determine direct and indirect effects of the project and “possible conflicts...with Indian land use plans and policies…(and) cultural resources” 40 CFR §1502.16


In managing federal lands, each executive branch agency shall avoid adversely affecting the physical integrity of such sites.” There are historical ceremony sites and burial grounds in the immediate vicinity of the Missouri River crossing. The Corps must deny the DAPL permit to protect these sites in compliance with EO 13007.


DAPL has not publicly identified the Missouri River crossing as high consequence. The Ogallala Aquifer must be considered a“high consequence area”, since the pipeline would cross critical drinking water and intakes for those water systems.The emergency plan must estimate the maximum possible spill (49 CFR§195.452(h)(iv)(i)). DAPL refuses to release this information to the tribe.


The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) violates Article 2 of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty which guarantees that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe shall enjoy the “undisturbed use and occupation” of our permanent homeland, the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The U.S. Constitution states that treaties are the supreme law of the land.


All agencies must determine if proposed project disproportionately impacts Tribal community or other minority community. The DAPL was original routed to cross the Missouri River north of Bismarck. The crossing was moved to “avoid populated areas”, so instead of crossing upriver of the state’s capital, it crosses the aquifer of the Great Sioux Reservation.

Now just keep in mind!! this is all being purposed without even taking into consideration of a catastrophic event happening. Which an (EIS) does,not an (EIA)


Iowa just had an earthquake. 


 The many threats that this pipeline poses to the environment, human health, human rights, wildlife, wetlands, endangered species, and rivers are strikingly similar to those posed by the Keystone XL. The DAPL will cross over the Ogallala Aquifer (one of the largest aquifers in the world) and under the Missouri River twice (the longest river in the United States) as well as the Mississippi River (the largest River in United States). The possible contamination of these water sources makes the DAPL a latent environmental hazard even before the oil is burned as fuel.


This is the voice of the people!!  speaking for many, that can not speak for themselves, like our children, rivers, and wildlife. 


This document gives adults the means to take action on there own.  


So please read the literature on this site, watch the videos, and decide for yourselves.  


Remember your rivers, wildlife, and the legacy you leave your children may depend on your actions now, not to mention the drinking water for millions of people. 


The waters of our nation belong too all of us. The rain comes down on us all. It flows to the sea by our rivers, then evaporates, goes back into our atmosphere, and returns to us in the form of rain. So what happens in the Great State of Iowa, affects us all. So feel free to sign this EIS document demanding that the proper environmental studies be done for this pipe line, no matter where you are located.


Please!! be your own judge, but I ask you to think about your children first, then decide if you will stand with me and thousands of concerned citizens in this fight to save Iowa's waters, and other states from this catastrophe that could be coming.


Over 140,000 petition signers already and growing!!   


We need this many EIS demand letters, so please help with this. Notify family and friends. Send the message, we are not done, we have just begun to fight!!   


Read under, Current Pipeline News. They are already violating their agreements to the land owners.  


Reason we as citizens need to stand up, and demand this Environmental Impact Statement, (EIS) demand letter be done, is because so far the Army Core of Engineers, (ACOE) are only requiring an (EIA), Environmental Assessment be done. An EIA doesn't take into consideration the chances of a catastrophic event happening here. A catastrophic event could happen here in Iowa, and Illinois at any time. It has already!! Please read on.


One of the largest earthquakes to ever to hit this country happened here in the Midwest, in 1811-12, on the New Madrid Fault line. It made the Mississippi run backwards, river banks collapsed, It shook chandlers all the way too Washington DC.


Now just imagine this happening in the Great States of Iowa, and Illinois, at 75 river crossings, all providing drinking water for 18 million people from the Mississippi not to mention the many other rivers involved. 


They say they will go under Native American burial grounds, 85 feet below the earth. Tell me this? If the Bakken pipeline breaks here, how will they repair it? 


How will they repair breaks that may happen under our rivers? The pressure could rupture the river bottom, then when the pressure declines the river would flow back into the lines flushing millions of gallons of oil into our drinking water. 


Without the proper environmental studies being done beforehand who will be to blame if I may ask? 


Those that chose not to do an EIS to protect the public, so Liability falls on them, in my honest opinion. 


If present land owners that signed on, not knowing the consequences that this could happen in a catastrophic event, then how is that a binding a contract, if I may ask? 


Everyone!!, even land owners that signed on already allowing them to cross there land should want this study done. Should something happen later, Dakota Access Pipe Line, the Corps or the EPA can't say they weren't warned.


Should your drinking water, rivers, or land get contaminated from this pipe line, you will have the proof in your hands for liability issues in a court of law that you tried to warn them.


In other words when the courts ask you!!  what did you do too try to stop this from going in, you can show them your own EIS demand letter.  


We believe We The People call the shots, and we do, if we Stand Strong Together.  


 Today, water resources are declining in quality and quantity in virtually every part of the world: More than a billion people are living without access to safe drinking water; California faces the most serious water emergency in its history; Australia is in the midst of an epic, 12-year-long drought—the first industrialized nation to deal with water scarcity on this scale. 


The state of Iowa now has 724 lakes, rivers, and streams listed as impaired, unfit for human use, We The People decided too make a stand for Iowas citizens, our rivers, and wildlife that depend on them to survive.


We believe alternative energy could very well save our planet. That the great state of Iowa should be promoting not more carbon fuel emissions that threaten the drinking water for millions of citizens. 


Our mission here is to unite everyone as ONE too take action, and defend not only the waters of Iowa, but the waters of our nation

 for the common good of mankind. 


 We want to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, that will be heard. 


This web site is to give us all a speaking voice about the great state of Iowa's future, as well as your children's future. Not to destroy our planet for the benefit of a certain few, at the expense of millions of others. 


My president, Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr. the president of the WATERKEEPER ALLIANCE organization said years before the offshore BP oil platform explosion, that off shore oil drilling was to risky to our environment. This underground pipeline is much the same. No one listened then. Please listen now!!


Please sign your letter demanding an EIS Environmental Impact Statement be done, get it notarized as soon as possible, and mail it too.


Quad Cities Waterkeeper INC.

736 Federal St. # 2426

Davenport IA. 52803 - 5769   


Cheryl Valenta

2409 C Avenue NE.

Cedar Rapids, Ia 52402 



If you need answers, you’ll find the answer to that question…and a whole lot more on this website. Again, welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Like we’ve said before, we believe the people call the shots, not corporations or regulatory authorities that refuse to do there job of protecting the people. 

Quad Cities Waterkeeper of the Upper Mississippi

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Bobbi Jean needs us, Please Stand Strong with her, and our children's future, before it's too late. 


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